AFax Review

AFax is a brand new Internet fax service that strips the concept of online faxing down to the bare bones basics. The website claims that users can sign up and send their first fax within 3 minutes, proving that simplicity of use is the main goal of this service.

AFax was created to be as simple as possible so that users new to the technology wouldn’t get bogged down in technical details and incoherent menus. While the platform lacks advanced features that many users may have come to expect with Internet faxing, the simplicity involved in the service is second to none. In fact, by virtue of the fact that service accepts each user’s Gmail credentials for both signup and login, aFax has effectively eliminated an entire step in the traditional online faxing process.

Afax is ideal for businesses that are looking for an A to B approach to online fax machine services, without requiring high-level features like data encryption.

What Types of Features Does AFax Offer?

Afax provides an in-browser app so that subscribers can conveniently send faxes using their Gmail credentials. Files can be plucked from Google Drive, Dropbox, or directly from the user’s computer, and for added convenience, all files are converted into PDFs before they are sent. The ability to create custom cover pages is provided as well.

aFax fax numbers work just like every other phone line, and the process to send a fax is quick and easy. Users simply need to add to the end of the fax number being used. Outgoing faxes will never trigger a busy signal, even if the intended recipient is actively receiving another fax at the same time. The same goes for incoming faxes.

New faxes will be stored in the user’s inbox within the aFax app, and users can configure the settings so that SMS alerts are sent out whenever a new fax is received. What’s more, Afax is built around Gmail, which means it’s also available on mobile phones and tablets for added convenience.

How Much Does AFax Cost?

AFax offers a free plan, which is good for 2 pages a month and includes secure storage. There are also 2 paid options available, both of which come standard with secure storage, the ability to fax from an email address, the ability to send faxes to multiple recipients, and international faxing functionality.

Rating Breakdown

  • The Soloprenuer Plan costs $9.95/month, and includes 200 pages.
  • The Smallbiz Plan costs $14.95/month and includes up to 500 pages.

Both paid plans can be tested out for $1, and once purchased, the first 30 days are completely free.

Does AFax Offer Customer Support?

AFax’s customer support can be reached only be reached via email or snail mail. Live chat isn’t available, is a public-facing support number.  An extensive FAQ section is available, as well as a blog that’s home to a variety of articles about the online fax industry.


  • Effortless integration with Gmail
  • Sending and receiving faxes is as easy as sending emails
  • Toll-free numbers cost the same as local numbers
  • Each plan, once purchased, comes with free service for 30 days
  • Secure storage of faxes is standard for every version of the service, including the free one
  • SMS alerts are supported
  • Custom cover page creation is provided for


  • Sparse options for customer service and support
  • Prices are expensive in comparison to many other companies in this space
  • Very few features are supported: it’s a bare bones service

Rating Breakdown

Ease of Use
Customer Service

eFax boasts millions of users on their platform. The security and encryption offered is amongst the best in the industry, which is perfect if your business deals with sensitive, personal information.