FaxBetter Review

FaxBetter is a no-frills web-based fax-to-email service that prides itself in its affordability and ease of use, without compromising on functionality. Smaller companies with limited budgets will appreciate the functionality of the company’s free service offering, while more advanced features have been designed to meet the more complex needs of larger organizations.

The platform was designed to closely mirror existing email clients, which helps users familiarize themselves with the site’s functionality without feeling overwhelmed by tricky details and hard-to-locate features. It’s perfect for the technologically challenged, as well as small businesses with limited budgets and/or faxing needs.

What Types of Features Does FaxBetter Offer?

All free accounts with FaxBetter come standard with a toll-free number that’ll stay valid as long as at least one fax page is received every 7 days, and there’s enough storage for roughly 1,000 pages. All faxes are also ad free. Unfortunately, however, free accounts are only able to receive faxes and not send them.

Paid accounts allow users to send and receive faxes, and include a personal, toll-free fax number as well. The difference is there’s no use requirement, and it doesn’t expire if it’s not used within a certain period of time. It’ll stay valid as long as the account is in good standing. There’s also unlimited lifetime storage, and faxes can be sent in a variety of different formats, including PDF, TIF, MSWord, Excel, JPH, HTML and straight text.

With both free and paid accounts, users can easily sort through stored fax messages, simply by using the search tool on the website. Email notifications are also sent out any time a fax is received.

Details are scarce regarding fax, file and storage security, so FaxBetter is not a good option for businesses that are sending and/or receiving faxes that contain sensitive information.

How Much Does FaxBetter Cost?

FaxBetter’s free plans include up to 20 received fax pages per month and don’t require a credit card to sign up.

The paid plan, FaxBetter Plus, includes up to 500 sent and/or received fax pages, and has 3 different payment options:

  • $9.95 per month if paid monthly
  • $95.40 if paid annually, which is $7.95/month. This represents a cost savings of 20%.
  • Prepaying for 2 years of service is $142.80, which is $5.95/month. This represents a cost savings of $40%, which is one of the lowest rates in the industry.

Additional pages above 500 are billed at $0.06/page.

Does FaxBetter Offer Customer Support?

FaxBetter’s customer support team is available from 8 am to 8 pm EST, Monday through Friday. Support is offered via a ticketing system, and a limited help center is also available for troubleshooting. FaxBetter Plus users also have access to priority support, which means that most queries are answered in less than an hour.


  • The user interface is simple, and the platform is easy to navigate, given its similarity to standard email inboxes
  • Customer support is responsive and knowledgeable
  • Document storing and archiving is available for both free and paid plans
  • Email notifications are sent any time a fax is received
  • The paid plan is one of the most affordable in the industry
  • Outgoing faxes can be sent as PDF, TIF, Word, Excel, Jpg, HTML, or plaintext file types


  • Users can only send and receive faxes from one email address
  • The free version is only able to receive faxes
  • Users with a free account must receive at last one fax every 7 days to retain their toll-free fax number
  • Access to priority support is only available to upgraded users

Rating Breakdown

Ease of Use
Customer Service

FaxBetter is an Internet fax service that will allow your business to send up to 20 free faxes per month using their simple interface. For higher volume usage, their pricing tiers are competitive to match the quality of features they offer. Document storage is also included in all plan levels, including free plans, which makes reviewing and accessing documents from any device simple and seamless. Email notifications are also sent when a fax is received, so you can be confident you won’t miss that next important fax. Support is included with all plans, and is very responsive, but unfortunately priority support is only available to paid users.