GotFreeFax Review

For a business that doesn’t send faxes regularly, a web-based fax service is a cost-effective and convenient way to send them, when the need arises. GotFreeFax is an online faxing service that delivers on a value proposition of being free, which means a basic, no-frills service where additional features cost extra.

Smaller organizations appreciate how much GotFreeFax offers on a free plan, while there’s enough functionality included in paid versions to satisfy the needs of larger organizations as well.

What’s more, GotFreeFax is straightforward to use, and even the technologically challenged should have no problems navigating through the user interface.

What Types of Features Does GotFreeFax Offer?

When it comes to guaranteeing the security of the data transferred, GotFreeFax’s protocols have been verified by Comodo, one of the industry-standard testing centers, which means users can rest easy knowing that all sensitive data is encoded using the latest in SSL encryption technology.

Documents can be created either by uploading a file or entering text directly into the software’s text editor, and all major document formats are supported, including PDFs and various other documents. And unlike many of its competitors, GotFreeFax supports rich text, so users can
adjust the fonts and formatting of their documents based on personal preference.

The form users need to use to send a fax is located on the company’s home page, and only requires contact details, the fax message itself, and payment through PayPal (if required) to send the fax. When faxing, users can choose between creating their own cover sheet in the GotFreeFax portal, or uploading their own.

GotFreeFax also offers fax broadcasting of up to 50 different numbers at once, although this feature isn’t available on the free version of GotFreeFax’s services.

How Much Does GotFreeFax Cost?

GotFreeFax offers a free basic level of service with limited options. For example, users are capped at faxing 2 documents per day, with a maximum length of 3 pages per document. What’s more, despite the fact that the service is free, there aren’t any ads added to the faxes themselves.

A premium pay-per-fax service is available, which allows users to send faxes of up to 30 pages in length. This upgrade also unlocks more extensive technical support and prioritized delivery of faxes. It’s important to note that the bulk payment structure doesn’t employ diminishing returns to incentivize bulk purchases, however. So, for example, faxing 10 pages costs 98 cents, 20 pages costs $1.98, and 30 pages clocks in at $2.98.

A prepaid option is also available, which means that users can purchase of a certain amount of credits in advance, and then use them on an as-needed basis to send faxes, as opposed to paying to fax each document separately. In this case, GotFreeFax does employ diminishing returns. 100 pages is $9.95, 300 is $19.95, and 1,000 prepaid faxed pages is $49.95. What’s more, these prepaid credits never expire. This is the level at which fax broadcasting becomes an option available to the user.

Does GotFreeFax Offer Customer Support?

While GotFreeFax doesn’t offer extensive customer support to free users, a standard-issue feedback form is available, as well as toll-free fax numbers, a British Columbia based mailing address and access to a generic email address ([email protected]). Average response times via email are around 8 hours. There is no contact phone number listed on the website.

Paid users have access to additional levels of tech support to help troubleshoot issues that may arise as volume use increases.


  • Free web-based fax service that’s available worldwide
  • Upgraded flexible pay-per-use model is affordable, and depending on volume sent per month, is much less expensive than paying for a monthly flat-rate subscription
  • Supports multiple document types and file formats
  • Rich text formatting options allow further customizability of fax messages
  • Fax broadcasting is available
  • The user interface is easy to use
  • Paid credits never expire


  • Limited sending options with free plans
  • Unable to receive faxes, can only send them
  • Bulk discount pricing is not available at all pricing levels
  • Customer and technical support is lacking
  • Poor website design and clogged UI make navigation challenging at times
  • No document storage feature provided
  • No software integration offered
  • Lacks a mobile app

Rating Breakdown

Ease of Use
Customer Service

GotFreeFax, as the name suggests, offers free online faxing, with the ability to upgrade to paid pricing tiers to accommodate greater usage. The payment system is very friendly, with paid credits that never expire, which means you’re in complete control of your budgeting and will never run into any unexpected surprises. The downside, however, is that the interface feels dated and sluggish compared to other providers. In addition, the free offering is very basic, and if you send and/or receive a higher volume of faxes, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid. Customer service is also lacking, as are some more advanced features. For a low-cost solution, GotFreeFax is adequate, but fails to match up with other competitors.