mFax Review

Amongst the most advanced fax messaging services available on the Internet is mFax. Their system was designed to be a user-friendly and secure cloud-based faxing platform that allows customers to send and store all of their fax messages via the Internet in one easy-to-use solution. Their product is robust and packed full of features, and blends affordable pricing with an intuitive user interface.

The services offered by mFax will appeal to even those who are new to the world of online faxing and just getting started with the technology, since it’s not bogged down by complicated menus and features. While the service isn’t free, it’s not too expensive either, which means it’s a feasible option for a wide range of budget structures.

What Types of Features Does mFax Offer?

mFax offers a versatile selection of options when it comes to sending outgoing faxes, including the ability to send them as PDF, TIFF, Word, Excel, Jpg, HTML, or plaintext file types. What’s more, users can send faxes in a variety of different ways:

  • Email to fax
  • Via the web portal
  • Through a fax API
  • With FaxBridge
  • By using the company’s print-to-fax driver

Templates and automated tasks can also be set up for sake of convenience.

There’s an option to choose between local or international fax numbers, and toll-free numbers are also supported. It’s also possible for users to integrate their current fax number with the platform. Of particular appeal is the ability to send an unlimited amount of faxes from a single account, as opposed to paying a fee for a certain number of pages. Additional features include the ability to coordinate team management, schedule fax messages ahead of time, and receive notifications whenever a new fax comes in.

Businesses using mFax’s services can store an unlimited amount of fax messages in an archive, and the company provides tools to easily search through the entire account history to help find old faxes, as needed. Users can also store and manage their own address book within mFax.

mFax’s parent company, Documo, takes security very seriously, so businesses can rest easy knowing that documents are encrypted, user authentication is standard, and intrusion detection is built-in.

How Much Does mFax Cost?

mFax’s pricing structure is broken down into 4 different tiers:

  • Solo accounts support one user per account, with the ability to send 250 pages a month, for $9 per month. Additional users can be added for $5 per user per month, and an additional charge of $0.10 is assessed for every page over the baseline allowance.
  • Team accounts are $25 per month and support up to 5 users and 500 pages sent. Additional users can be added for $4/each, and additional pages over the baseline allowance are $.08/each.
  • Business accounts, which are $50/month, support up to 15 users. Additional users beyond this are $3/each. The total number of pages included in this plan is 1,000/month, and additional pages beyond this are $.06/page.
  • Infinity accounts are $90/month and include everything Business accounts do, as well as 2500 pages per month and 50 users. Additional users are $2 each, and additional pages are $.04 per page.

Free 14-day trials are available on all 4 plans, and discounts are available if fees are paid annually instead of monthly. Pricing drops to $7/month for a Solo account, $20/month for a Team account, $40/month for Business accounts and $80/month for Infinity accounts.

Every account, regardless of pricing tier, can also take advantage of a free toll-free tax number.

Does mFax Offer Customer Support?

Documo, the company who owns and operates mFax, is based in Las Vegas and provides basic email and phone support, as well as live chat. Some would argue their support is some of the best in the industry. In addition, an extensive help center is available for basic troubleshooting for those who are interested in solving problems on their own.


  • Platform has an intuitive and easy to use UI, even for beginners
  • Customer support is fast and reliable
  • Fax notifications are convenient
  • Outgoing faxes can be sent as PDF, TIF, Word, Excel, Jpg, HTML, or plaintext file types
  • Multiple pricing tiers make it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes
  • A free trial is available


  • Strictly a paid service
  • User can’t specify a zip code on sign-up, which makes adding their own fax numbers confusing at times
  • No two-factor authentication
  • Lacks a mobile app and digital signature feature

Rating Breakdown

Ease of Use
Customer Service

mFax is a simple, sleek web or mobile application that literally puts fax capabilities in the palm of your hand. Users can send faxes in a number of different ways including direct from email, through the web portal, and print to fax. The cloud-based platform makes storing, sending, and reviewing faxes simple, even for brand new users. Notifications allow you to be able to see when new faxes are delivered instantly and action them accordingly. The pricing tiers are affordable and packed with features, plus the free trial gives you an opportunity to experience the platform before paying a single penny.