Nextiva vFax Review

vFax is Nextiva’s online faxing service. It uses the same platform as their existing voice and call products and combines a straightforward, no-frills user interface with a variety of features. vFax is a reliable, yet surprisingly simple platform that supports a wide range of faxing requirements, all at an affordable price point.

Nextiva vFax is perfect for small businesses that are looking to transition from physical fax machines to a web-based virtual portal. One thing that’s unique to vFax is the ability to integrate existing physical machines with the company’s online service. The time required to learn the platform is minimal thanks to in-depth training resources, and several plans are available, all of which have been designed to fit a variety of different budgets.

What Types of Features Does Nextiva vFax Offer?

While the vFax interface is flexible, it lacks design quality and has a tendency to stutter. Although there are large, clearly labeled icons for searching faxes, sending faxes, adjusting settings and checking billing, the rest of the platform is text-heavy and difficult to use. Sending a fax with Nextiva, however, is a straightforward process. It’s simply a matter of sending an email with the supporting document attached to the Nextiva portal’s outbound fax number.

Users can also send faxes directly from the portal itself by uploading files, provided they don’t exceed limits of 10 documents and 5 MB in total. A variety of file types are supported, including:

  • Text files (RTF, TXT, and PDF)
  • Image files (TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPEG)
  • Microsoft Office files (DOC, XLS, PPT)
  • Printer files (PCL, EPS, PS)

Like most other web-based fax services, vFax gives users the ability to view all faxes sent and received and also provides an option for verifying that faxes were transmitted successfully.

Incoming faxes are announced by notification and delivered as PDF files to the user’s email, but subscribers can opt-out of these notifications and PDF reception if they so desire. What’s more, up to five email addresses can be programmed into the system to receive notifications of incoming faxes, which is perfect for team-based environments, and alerts can be sent as SMS messages as well.

vFax offers a variety of options for manipulating fax messages, including the ability to view, download, print, forward, delete, rotate, and even organize messages into a series of folders. Search options are available so that users can sort faxes by the recipient, status, or date.

Data is protected with SSL encryption, and while a personal fax number is dedicated to each account, there are no toll-free or international numbers provided. In addition to users being able to keep their old fax numbers, if desired, Nextiva also provides an option to link existing physical fax machines to the service, which is a one-time fee of $150.

Unfortunately, mobile apps are not available, fax messages are only stored for up to 6 months, and the site itself isn’t responsive. Fax times are often slow as well and can take anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes per fax.

How Much Does Nextiva vFax Cost?

Nextiva vFax offers three plans, each which comes with a 30-day free trial.

  • The Single User Plan is $8.95/month if billed monthly, and includes 500 pages. This plan costs $4.95/month if billed annually.
  • The Small Business Plan costs $17.95/month if billed monthly, and includes 1000 pages. The price drops to $12.95/month if billed annually.
  • The Business Pro Plan costs $34.95/month if billed monthly, and includes 3000 pages. The price drops to $29.95/month if billed annually.

Page limits with all vFax plans can be used for any combination of ingoing and outgoing fax messages, and the company’s overage fee is 3 cents per page is amongst the lowest in the industry.

Does Nextiva vFax Offer Customer Support?

Nextiva vFax offers phone and email support, as well as a ticket-based service and a highly responsive live chat. The company’s customer service team is available 24/7, and extremely knowledgeable about the platform itself. A knowledge-base is also available, which provides quick-and-easy solutions to the most common problems users face.


  • World-class customer support
  • Affordable pricing with low overage fees
  • Email and SMS alerts when faxes are received
  • Up to 5 email addresses can be selected to receive notifications of inbound faxes
  • A wide range of file types are supported


  • No dedicated mobile app
  • Clunky user interface that’s difficult to navigate
  • Web portal isn’t responsive enough for mobile browser use
  • 5 MB limit on document attachments is restrictive
  • Faxes can only be stored for 6 months
  • No international or toll-free numbers

Rating Breakdown

Ease of Use
Customer Service

If you need high quality online fax services at an affordable price that’s coupled with great customer service, then Nextiva vFax checks off a lot of important boxes. Sending and receiving faxes is fairly simple and straightforward. Email or SMS alerts are sent to notify you of new faxes, and multiple users can even be set up to receive notifications to ensure that no important fax is missed or ignored. Unfortunately, the clunky interface and lack of a dedicated mobile app prevent Nextiva vFax from being a top option available, and the platform’s lack of features can seriously hinder your ability to work mobile. If you’re simply trying to get rid of an expensive fax lease and need an affordable solution with excellent support, however, look no further than Nextiva vFax.