RingCentral Review

RingCentral is an online fax service that couples a robust set of features, including flexible faxing options and enhanced levels of security, with robust mobile and cloud support. The company prides itself in how quickly subscribers can get set up – which they claim can be done in 5 minutes – as well as the cost savings both small and large businesses will see. RingCentral also offers VOIP for phone services, which works perfectly alongside their fax platform.

RingCentral’s multi-platform design is user-friendly, so it’s great for novices and experts alike, and it seamlessly integrates with most business’s operating structures since it’s cloud-based as opposed to a standalone program. What’s more, it is built with businesses in mind and integrates with all the major storage providers, including Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.

What Types of Features Does RingCentral Offer?

RingCentral offers a variety of customization options to subscribers. One of the most popular is that users have the ability to choose a local phone number, a toll-free number, or a vanity number, which can consist of a combination of letters, numbers, and/or symbols.

The platform supports more than 40 different file formats, and users can both send and receive faxes, as well as schedule faxes to go out at specified times in the future. Incoming faxes arrive as PDFs via email, and outgoing faxes can be sent using one of 13 different templates. Unfortunately, however, this is an area where customization is lacking with RingCentral since users are unable to create their own templates.

Data is secured using SSL security, while sensitive information during the sign-up process is protected by a PIN code until a password has been entered.

Convenience is one thing that helps RingCentral stand out from other web-based faxing platforms since both mobile and desktop apps are available. The mobile apps, which are available on iOS and Android, offer faxing on-the-go capabilities, which is perfect for end-users who are always on-the-go. Faxes can also conveniently be sent via email, and users can opt to receive SMS and/or email alerts when incoming faxes arrive.

A contact book is provided, as well as a call log section and group faxing capabilities. Voice alerts can be enabled or disabled, and calls, meetings, and business messaging functionality are all included by virtue of faxing integration with RingCentral’s other services.

How Much Does RingCentral Cost?

Standard RingCentral plans are $14.99 per month if paid monthly and $12.99/month if paid annually. This plan supports up to 750 fax pages, sent or received, on a monthly basis. Extra pages cost 5.9 cents each. Basic web support is included.

The next pricing tier is $22.99 per month if paid monthly, and $17.99/month if paid annually. This includes 1,500 pages per month, as well as access to both web and phone support. Additional per page fees clock in at 4.9 cents each.

The next level up costs $44.99 per month if paid monthly, and $34.99 per month if paid annually. This plan includes up to 2,500 pages per month. Anything above this costs 3.9 cents per page. Phone and web support are also included in this pricing plan, as well as:

  • The ability to have multiple users on the same account
  • A dedicated business phone number, as well as unlimited calls, text messaging and conference calls
  • Unlimited video meetings
  • Unlimited team messaging and file sharing

Toll-free and vanity numbers are available for a one-time fee of $30, plus an additional $4.99 per month, which is assessed on whatever pricing plan makes the most sense. Additional fax numbers are also $4.99 per month.

Faxes sent to locations outside the US cost an extra fee per page, depending on which plan a subscriber has signed up for.

Free 7-day trials are available for all 3 plan levels, for businesses that are interested in “trying before they buy.”

How Good Is RingCentral’s Customer Support?

RingCentral’s customer support team can be reached by live chat, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 10 pm ET, on Saturday’s from 10 am to 7 pm ET, and on Sunday’s from 11 am to 8 pm ET. Mid and high-level tiers also have direct access to phone support.

A robust help center is also available, which includes tutorials, articles, videos, technical documentation, and access to on-demand webinars. For users switching over from a different platform, RingCentral also offers detailed guidance on how to transfer an existing fax number over to their platform.


  • A free trial is available
  • SMS and email fax alerts are convenient and helpful
  • The platform is well integrated with cloud storage providers like Box, Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Outgoing faxes can be sent as PDF, TIF, Word, Excel, Jpg, HTML, or plaintext file types
  • Excellent customer support


  • More expensive than many other web-based fax providers
  • Faxes sent outside the US are assessed additional fees
  • Fax archiving is limited

Rating Breakdown

Ease of Use
Customer Service

RingCentral fax is a very well-known name in online communications. The RingCentral platform can manage online faxes, as well as a variety of other communications, including voice calling, video calling, and instant messaging. This makes it a great solution if your business is looking for an entire suite of features beyond just fax. A browser extension makes managing communication feel like a breeze, and calling can be forwarded to the mobile app for users on-the-go. The flip-side is that these added features also make it a higher cost than many other online fax options. This cloud-based platform is amongst the best in the industry, with easy integration support for Dropbox and Google Drive, amongst others. In addition, customer support is available at all times, which is important if downtime means your business stands to lose money.