Sfax Review

Sfax, which is owned by Scrypt (a company with almost twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry), is a web-based online fax service that has gone in a different direction than most of their competitors. Their product is designed for professionals who require the very best in security protocols. Instead of implementing a wide range of features, Sfax focuses on a few and then executes them well. It’s important to note that this is not a fax-to-email service, and while the range of features offered is comparatively narrow, the platform as a whole is aesthetically pleasing, powerful, and easy to operate.

Sfax is perfect for businesses that need to keep their data as secure and private as possible, and the relatively high price point of the service reflects the lengths the company has gone through to ensure that they’re HIPAA compliant.

What Types of Features Does Sfax Offer?

Sfax gives users the ability to send and receive faxes, as well as sort through them via a well-organized fax archive. Amongst its most impressive features is the fact that the service is HIPAA compliant. Given that Sfax provides audit trails for HIPAA documents, as well as annotations and digital signatures, subscribers who use fax to retain their own medical records will find this service particularly appealing. Data in the transmission is protected with 256-big TLS security and AES algorithms, while passwords and sensitive account data are encrypted with RSA keys and other protocols. All documents are protected by high-level encryption within Sfax’s SSAE16 Type 2 data vaults, which are further protected by 24/7/365 onsite security.

Sfax’s user interface is clean and to the point. The most important features are given priority, including fax inbox, contacts, cover pages, library, and settings. More specific features, like the ability to search both incoming and outgoing faxes simultaneously, are easy to locate and helpful in nature.

Contacts can be added manually or imported in a CSV file, and multiple cover pages can be stored for convenient use at a later date. Sfax also offers unlimited ports and admin controls like the ability to manage users, permissions, and security settings. What’s more, developers come up with their own custom procedures via the company’s fax API.

A dedicated iOS app, which is HIPAA compliant, can be used to send and receive faxes and includes the ability to attach documents and photographs directly from the camera roll.

All standard document types that are typically used for faxes are supported, and the faxes themselves can be sent to a specific number or to a contact from the user’s imported list. Documents can be uploaded or chosen from the library, while the cover page can be selected from a pre-compiled list.

Unlike other online fax machines, Sfax is not a fax-to-email service, so faxes can’t be sent via email, and they can’t be sent to numbers outside the US and Canada.

How Much Does Sfax Cost?

Sfax offers three tiers of regularly paid plans, as well as a customizable Enterprise solution. Every account comes standard with an unlimited number of users, as well as atoll-free number. Users also have the option of porting in their own numbers, although it’s an additional $10 fee to do so.

Each plan offers a 14-day free trial, although credit card information must be entered in order to start one.

  • The Standard Plan is $29/month, and includes 350 pages.
  • The Plus Plan is $49/month, and includes up to 700 pages. This plan also includes an option to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), which is a requirement under HIPAA compliance regulations.
  • The Contender Plan is $99 for up to 1,500 pages and includes everything in the Plus Plan, as well as the ability to securely download faxes as PDF or TIF file. This plan also gives users access to the Sfax API.
  • Unfortunately, it’s impossible to specify what Enterprise Plans cost since they are customized for each specific business’s needs and quotes are generated on a case-by-case basis.

Standard, Plus and Contender Plans all have an overage charge of ten cents per page and include storage of files for a year.

Does Sfax Offer Customer Support?

Sfax has a knowledge base with dozens of articles organized into different categories, as well as video tutorials, that users can access as needed. Phone-bases support is available daily from 12 am to 12 pm CST. There’s also a contact form users can fill out, and a graphic on the main website in the top-right corner that tells visitors how many customer service agents are currently free.


  • HIPAA compliant
  • World-class security protocols are in place
  • Dedicated iOS app
  • Clean and well-organized web portal, with impressive admin controls
  • Tools provided for managing groups of faxes
  • Custom-built plans are available
  • API developer access is available with certain plans for higher levels of customization
  • Two week free trials are available for all standard paid plans


  • Expensive compared to its competition
  • Inability to send faxes via email
  • The billing interface requires a separate log-in, which can be confusing
  • No interface support for physical fax machines
  • Porting in existing numbers incurs an additional charge
  • Faxes can only be sent to numbers in the US and Canada

Rating Breakdown

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Sfax is an online fax service designed with healthcare businesses in mind. The service is HIPAA compliant, which means that it adheres to the highest standards of both data privacy and protection. The dedicated iOS app is beautiful and easy-to-use. Plus, your business can design a custom plan to meet your specific needs. What’s more, customer service and additional features are exceptional. The only real area where Sfax struggles to compete is pricing. The added benefits of being HIPAA compliant unfortunately come at a cost that healthcare businesses may not be able to avoid, but may still find hard to swallow.